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Does my dog need a fibre supplement?

You’ve likely heard about the importance of fibre and how fibre supplements can help humans. But what about your dog?

What is fibre?

Fibre is a carbohydrate. It is the indigestible part of plant foods found in vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and legumes.  There are two types of fibres, insoluble and soluble fibres. Insoluble fibre helps speed up the passage of food through the gut and add bulk to the stool. Soluble fibre can dissolve in water and assists with slowing down digestion, improving gut health and regulating blood sugar levels. Fibre helps your dog maintain a healthy, happy and balanced gut, allowing for regular bowel movements and improved colon health.  

As humans, most of us know the benefits of dietary fibre in improving our digestive health and regulating our bowel movements. But what about dogs?

Many people think that dogs are carnivores and only need to eat meat and protein. Dogs are in fact omnivores and should ideally eat a mixture of meat protein and plant material. This means their diet should accommodate this. The plant fibre that dogs consume provides a nutrient that is critical for their digestive well-being. 

DOG Fibre

This organic fibre supplement can help regulate bowel movements by either firming loose stools or softening firm ones. It also contains prebiotics, postbiotics and paraprobiotics to support bowel health. And its tasty natural flavour means you can add it to meals with ease.

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Does my dog need a fibre supplement?

Does your dog have inconsistent bowel motions or poop that isn’t perfectly formed? Do they strain and only pass small jelly-like stools? Is your dog constipated, passing only dry, hard poo? These are signs of poor digestive health and it can make our dogs feel quite uncomfortable.

As dog parents, we strive for the perfect dog poo. After all, what’s better than a clean sweep into the poo bag! But for many, this feels like an unattainable dream. 

A fibre supplement could help! 

Benefits of fibre for your dog:

  • Regulation of bowel movements
  • Prevention of constipation
  • Treating certain types of diarrhoea 
  • Healthy weight management
  • Reduction of bloating 
  • Potentially reduces the risk of bowel cancers

While fibre is an essential nutrient for dogs, some may require more than others. Providing a fibre supplement can not only improve your dog’s gut health and digestion, it can also regulate their poo frequency and formation. Our new DOG Fibre supplement is a convenient way to do this. 

For more information about your dog’s dietary needs and health concerns, speak to your veterinarian.