Detangling Set


Everything you need to tame those tangles

What you get:

  • Coat Masque (150g)
  • Leave in Conditioner Spray (300mL)
  • Slicker Brush (size of your choice)
  • Comb
  • Lick Mat (colour of your choice)

Why you’ll love it:

  • Coat Masque is our most intensive skin and coat moisturiser yet. It combats skin and coat dryness with ingredients like Sea Buckthorn Oil, Seaweed Powder, Jojoba and Cupuacu Butter. This rinse-out treatment also works wonders as a detangler for those with long hair. Your dog’s coat will feel so soft and silky. 
  • Leave in Conditioner Spray works well on all coats. Manage stubborn tangles by spraying the Leave in Conditioner directly on to the knot before loosening with our Comb or your fingers. Keep working through until you’re able to brush it loose with the Slicker Brush. If you can’t loosen the tangle, don’t attempt to cut it out as you can injure your dog’s delicate skin. See your professional groomer instead. 
  • The Comb can be used all over the coat to help find any matted patches before using the Slicker Brush. 
  • Slicker Brushes will work on most coat types. The short bristles will grab and remove loose hairs and debris. A daily brush will help reduce the amount of hair shed around your home, while frequent brushing will reduce tangles and matting. Brushing also keeps your dog’s coat clean by removing surface debris and helping spread the natural oils produced by their skin. 
  • A Lick Mat is the perfect distraction tool for your dog during bath time, brushing and wiping. Smear it with a small amount of their favourite soft food or spread, and the suction cups will secure the mat in place.
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Got tangles?

By using our Coat Masque regularly, as well as our Leave in Conditioner Spray, you’ll find combing and brushing much easier. Daily brushing is one of the best ways to keep those knots away. And we’ve added in a Lick Mat as a delicious reward for your good dog.