CAT Fibre

Organic fibre to improve poo

As cat owners, we all feel a sense of joy when their poo is perfect. But when it’s too dry or soft, it can make our cats uncomfortable. This organic fibre supplement not only helps regulate bowel movements by either firming loose stools or softening firm ones, it can even help some cats keep their hairballs under control. It also contains prebiotics, postbiotics and paraprobiotics to support bowel health. And its tasty natural flavour means you can add it to meals with ease.

Why You’ll Love it?

  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients 
  • Soluble fibre source 
  • Useful for irregular poorly formed stools 
  • Can assist with constipation 
  • Can be helpful for reducing hairballs 
  • Prebiotics, postbiotics and paraprobiotics to support bowel health 
  • Made in Australia 
  • Recommended and used by vets - especially Dr Lisa Chimes


What’s in it?

Active ingredients: Organic Psyllium Husk, Bio-K9® (a bio-fermented blend of Carrot, Larch, Vegetable Protein Extract, Sea Minerals, S. cerevisiae and L. acidophilus D2)

Inactive ingredients: Inactivated yeast (S. cerevisiae)

Average Quantity per 100g
Energy1550kJ (370Cal)
Fat, Total
‐ Sugars
Dietary Fibre75.3g

Each Metric teaspoon is 1.6g

What’s not?

Does not contain GMOs, animal-derived products, soy, gluten, nuts or synthetic flavours/colours. Meow to that!


How to use? 
Add one quarter (¼) of a metric teaspoon of Fibre to your cat’s food once daily. Then add 1 to 3 teaspoons of water and mix well. Can be increased to twice daily dosing if needed. Always ensure your cat is drinking normally, especially while using this product. 

Higher doses may be required for some cats - please consult with your veterinarian for specific dosages 

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If your pet has an illness or is taking medication, consult with your veterinarian prior to use. 

Seal bag and store below 25°C in a dark, dry place.

What Is A Soluble Fibre And Does My Cat Need One?

Our fibre adds bulk to the poop and can improve its consistency. It can be helpful for cats that have irregular, poorly formed stools and for those that are constipated. Fibre is also useful for cats that are prone to hairballs. Have a chat to your vet to see whether it could help your cat.