Puppy Set


The essential products you need to begin your puppy parenting journey


  • Wipes (80 pack)
  • Leave in Conditioner (500mL original cream)
  • Wash (500mL)
  • Calm Cologne (125mL) 
  • Slicker Brush
  • Crumble (360g)
  • Crumble Travel Tin
  • Belt Bag (choose Black or Olive)
  • Wee Cleaner (750mL)
  • Poo Bags (150 compostable bags)
  • Poo Bag Holder  (choose Black or Olive)


  • Our 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable bamboo Wipes are great forcleaning and freshening the skin and coat in between baths. They are especially useful to clean the paws after a walk or trip to the park. 
  • Our Leave in Conditioner not only makes your dog smell great, it also keeps their skin and coat moisturised, which is really important. We recommend using a conditioner after wiping, rinsing or washing. 
  • Our Wash is a gentle cleanser and is useful when you can’t get your puppy clean with a wipe and brush. We recommend that you avoid washing your puppy for as long as you can to protect their skin barrier into their adult life. Rinse and wipe as often as you need. Follow with Leave in Conditioner. 
  • For a dog, the ideal scent probably comes from a good roll around in the dirt. Not exactly ideal for us. Our naturally scented Colognes are the solution. After a wipe down, follow with a light spritz of Cologne to keep your dog smelling like the flowers they love to dig up. 
  • Slicker brushes are useful on most coat types. Brushing will remove loose hairs and debris, while helping spread the natural oils of the coat. A daily brush will make your puppy less stinky too. 
  • Our Crumble is a vegan, every day, low fat training treat that comes in a stylish tin. It comes with a palm-sized travel tin too. 
  • The Belt Bag is designed to keep your hands free and keep you looking stylish. Use it on walks, for quick access to treats at home or to look fabulous while grabbing coffee with friends. 
  • Our Wee Cleaner has natural, odour-neutralising enzymes, a gorgeous scent and a removable brush - it will be your number one cleaner for number ones. 
  • The Poo Bags are 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable and are deliciously vanilla scented. These bags will help turn the stinkiest of tasks into something delightful. Well, almost.

Check out our product detail pages for more information on our ingredients and how to use each product.

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Puppy raising made easier and less stinky

Whether it’s puppy grooming, clean-up or training, we’ve got you covered. Our skin and coat-care formulations are mild enough to be used on puppies to help preserve and protect their skin barrier. And they smell pretty great too. Our enzymatic Wee Cleaner will neutralise the odour of pee accidents, while our vanilla-scented, 100% compostable Poo Bags will ensure poop collection is a little luxurious. Training time? Easy. Wear our stylish Belt Bag filled with tasty Crumble to reward your puppy instantly while at home or out and about.