CAT Clean-up Set


Freshen your cat and their home naturally

What you get:

  • Wee Cleaner (750mL)
  • Wipes (80 pack)
  • Slicker Brush

Why you’ll love it:

  • Our Wee Cleaner has natural, odour-neutralising enzymes, a subtle scent, no harsh chemicals and a removable brush. It will be your number one cleaner for number ones. And it works wonders on the litter tray too. 
  • Our 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable bamboo Wipes are great for cleaning and freshening the skin and coat of old, sick and injured cats. They are helpful for messy kittens and long haired cats too. 
  • Slicker brushes are versatile enough for all cat coats. The short bristles will grab and remove loose hairs and debris, leading to less hair ingested by your cat. A daily brush will help reduce the amount of hair shed around your home. 

Check out our product detail pages for more information on our ingredients and how to use each product.

100% money back guarantee

Help your cat and home stay clean

Keep your house free of cat odours and reduce the amount of hair shed with our Clean-up Set. Neutralise urine with our enzymatic Wee Cleaner, help groom your cat with our 100% compostable Wipes and brush them daily to reduce the amount of hair that’s ingested and shed around your home.