The DOG No Wash Set helped erase my dog’s smelly coat

By Taylor Peters | August 20th, 2023
3 minute read time
I never in a million years would have thought washing was the problem.

I’m a proud mom of two kids and two poodles named Henry and Ziggy.

The poodles have been part of our family for 5 years now and we absolutely love them. Every morning they hop on our bed and wake us up with kisses and cuddles.

There’s nothing more we love than snuggling with our pups BUT there is one thing we’ve noticed over the past year that we could seriously live without.

And that’s their smell.

As they’ve gotten older their coat has started to smell more. Which means we’re now bathing them every week and washing them with shampoo.

They smell fine for a few days after each wash but within a week or so their odor gets worse and worse, and we have to wash them again. It doesn’t help that they’re not fans of getting bathed either.

Along with the dogs smelling bad, our couches, beds and rugs started to smell too.

We tried a whole range of products to help. Conditioners, moisturizers, colognes but none of them worked. Some of the colognes we tested smelled so artificial it made stink even worse, and the others hardly worked at all.

It was getting to be a real problem for us and the kids but I really felt bad for Henry and Ziggy.

We knew that we had to be a product out there to solve this problem, we just hadn’t had any luck finding it.

The No Wash Set that changed everything

Then one day I was hanging on the couch checking Facebook and saw a message from a neighbor down the street who also had poodles. Her dogs had also started smelling worse and we shared tips and tricks whenever we’d come across them.

She said that I absolutely had to google something called Dr Lisa’s No Wash Set

She said that it had absolutely changed the game and had helped get her dogs smelling fresher than ever for longer.

The problem was that she was overwashing her dogs. She read on Dr Lisa’s website that harsh shampoos can strip the skin barrier which is the natural oils that protect and nourish a dog’s skin and coat.

That leads to aggravating their skin barrier which results in a dry, stinky coat.

She went on to tell me that cutting back on the bathing, while making sure to brush your dog daily and using a leave-in conditioner as a moisturizer, will allow the skin barrier to reset.

Then the natural skin oils can build back up and protect the skin and the dog odor will become less pungent and more neutral.

I couldn’t believe it. Could washing our dogs actually result in them smelling worse?

It was an interesting theory but I wanted to do my research. So I looked up Dr Lisa online and found out that she’s a vet from Sydney, Australia and she’s even had her own TV show.

She’s also a proud dog mom, who decided to start her own company because she believed the pet products on the market weren’t good enough for her pups.

I clicked in to Dr Lisa’s website and I saw that they sell everything for pets. From poop bags to super cute ponchos.

I quickly found the No Wash Set that my friend was talking about and it all looked so good. The set comes with a pack of DOG Wipes for cleaning and freshening the skin and coat, Leave-in Conditioner, Calm Cologne, A Slicker Brush and a Lick mat.

The more I read the more I thought that this might have a chance of working, so I ordered it hoping that this was the answer I was looking for.



It didn’t take long at all for the set to arrive at my door. I told my husband about it earlier in the week and he was as excited as I was to try it out.

The dogs had started smelling even worse so it was great timing.

The first thing we did was stop washing so often. To be honest, they were a bit smelly at first, but Dr Lisa’s ‘system’ advises we have to be patient and it could take up to 12 weeks to work. Thank goodness she created the wipes and sprays to help keep my dogs fresh in between baths.

Then whenever the dogs needed cleaning we used the DOG Wipes to clean them up. I loved that they were 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable. And they’re safe to use all over the dog. Head, paws, body, everywhere. And they smell amazing!

Then do a few spritzes of cologne which went a long way in getting our dogs to smell fresh. It’s also a gorgeous water-based natural scent so we didn’t have to worry about any artificial scents.






And lastly we gave them a good brush with the slicker brush which helps spread the natural oils of the coat leaving it nice and shiny, plus it helps in getting rid of knots and tangles. We have actually been brushing the dogs every day as Dr Lisa suggests - the brushing is really helping keep their coats clean and shiny.

And while we were brushing, we used the DOG lick mat which we spread with a little peanut butter to keep the dogs occupied and in one place. It made brushing them so easy.

I could instantly tell the dogs were happier without so many baths, but it took a couple of months of this new regime to really see the results, since our dog’s skin barrier had been so depleted.

But sure enough, as we continued, we started noticing how much better they smelled. The stinky dog odor that constantly followed them around was gone.

We washed their dog beds and had the sofas steam-cleaned so that we could start with a clean slate. It was unbelievable how fresh the beds and furniture remained now that our dogs didn’t stink anymore. The house smelled so much better and those morning snuggles became a joy again to wake up to.

We couldn’t believe it but we’d finally solved the problem, thanks to Dr Lisa and her beautiful products.

I immediately jumped back on the website and ordered some more products to make sure we wouldn’t run out.

Where can you buy Dr Lisa’s No Wash Set?

You can buy Dr Lisa’s No Wash Set on their website. You save 20% with the set and also get free shipping which is nice.

If your dog stinks, I 100% recommend Dr Lisa’s Set. It changed our lives and it will do the same for yours too.