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Say farewell to that dog smell with dr lisa’s dog wipes

By Emily Russel | April 02th, 2023
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These new DOG wipes are like a bath for my dog, without the bath

Hey, my name’s Emily. 

I’m a mom with 2 kids and 2 dogs.  There’s Harry, a Border Collie, and Posie, a Golden Lab. They’re the cutest! We’re a very active family. 

We love taking our dogs on hikes, to the park, on road trips, to the lake…basically, we take them everywhere! 

Like many dogs, one of their favourite things to do is splash around in water and puddles, so they always have muddy paws, faces and fur. 

It’s funny that as much as dogs love water outdoors, they hate the bath (go figure!), and it’s always a struggle to get them to stand still enough to get clean. 

We often end up soaked and dirty ourselves from bath time. 

Then there are the times when we get home from one of our adventures that they manage to sneak past us and run inside, muddying up carpets, couches and beds. Which becomes a huge headache to clean. 

I can’t tell you how much money we’ve spent on car washes and steam cleans. I kinda don’t want to think about it. 

I don’t love bathing my dogs so often, so I’ve tried a range of dog wipes, but found none of them work the way they’re supposed to. 

They either aren’t durable enough and break apart while you’re trying to clean their paws, or they’re made with nasty chemicals which irritate our dog’s skin and smell artificial. 

We knew there had to be something better out there. 

The dog wipes that changed the game for our family

Then one day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that one of my good friends, who’s also a dog mom, posted about this product called DOG by Dr Lisa Wipes. 

She swore by them, saying they worked wonders to keep her dogs clean 24/7 and found they were the perfect product to use between groomings. 

The product was designed so much better than anything I’d seen but like everything I was considering purchasing, I wanted to do some research.

I looked up Dr Lisa on google and found out that she’s a vet from Sydney, Australia (a place I’ve always wanted to visit) who’s been on a bunch of TV shows and talk shows. 

That’s all well and good but then I found out something that I thought was super interesting. 

She’s a dog mom just like us, who decided to start her own business because she believed the pet products out there weren’t good enough. I love stories like that and supporting people who are out to make life easier and healthier for pets and pet parents. 

I headed over to Dr Lisa’s website and I saw that they sell everything for pets. From leave-in conditioner to poop bags and these really cute dog poncho towels.  

By this point I was intrigued but I wanted to find out what exactly was in these wipes.

The first thing I saw is that they were 100% compostable! That’s huge for someone who’s as environmentally conscious as me. To know that they’re going to break down easily into the earth and I’m not creating more landfill for the planet is really important. 

I then read that they’re made with natural ingredients and no chemicals. I use wipes all over my dog from their muzzleto their paws and rear end - so knowing that they weren’t going to experience any irriation from nasty ingredients made me feel a lot better about it.  

They’re also large and textured which means they’re sturdy enough to pick up dirt from the roughest paws without falling apart.

At the bottom of the page I saw there were thousands of 5-star reviews. It seemed everyone and their dog loved it (lol).

Honestly, reviews are great, but I can’t trust something until I’ve tried it myself. 

Putting the dog wipes to the test

I ordered on the website and it only took a few days for Dr Lisa’s DOG Wipes to come. 

While we were waiting, and bathing our dogs yet again, I really hoped that they would work like they said. 

Finally the day came and the wipes arrived at my front door. 

My first impression was that the packaging was designed so beautifully. You don’t see that a lot with pet products.  I ended upgrading to their ‘Starter Set’ because I was eager to test out their Leave in Conditioner and Calm cologne also.  The 20% off and free shipping got me!

I was pretty excited to try them out, so I immediately took Harry and Posie on a walk to the park. It had just rained so there were puddles everywhere, and just like clockwork the dogs rushed to them, splashing around and getting mud everywhere!

When we got back to the car I opened them up and the first thing I noticed was that they smelled so nice! Natural, sweet and clean, definitely not overpowering. 

I then proceeded to wipe Harry’s mud-soaked paws. And as I did, the dirt just started coming right off. The textured wipe was so effective at getting out all that mud. I couldn’t believe it. 

I took another wipe and gave him a once over from his muzzle, all the way back to his butt. I was surprised at how much dirt it picked up. The dogs loved the feeling so much they didn’t want me to stop! Which is literally the opposite of bath time. 

Where can you buy Dr Lisa’s Wipes?

You can buy Dr Lisa’s Dog Wipes on a range of websites, including their own. And for a small fee you can have it at your door in a few days (but there is free shipping for orders over $120).

I highly recommend Dr Lisa’s wipes. It’s great for your dogs, the environment, your furniture and your sanity!

I even told everyone at the dog park about them and they love them too!