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10 tips for when your dog is home alone

With many of us introducing a four legged friend during lockdown, our dog’s can feel overwhelmed with your sudden departure back to the office. Here’s Dr Lisa’s 10 tips to help your dog feel more secure when they’re home alone.

  1. Consider hiring a dog walker or send your dog to doggy-daycare if possible. A dog ‘play date’ with a neighbour or family member’s dog (who gets along with yours) is a great way for the dogs to keep each other company. 

  2. Ensure your dog is safe and secure inside your home to prevent escapes.

  3. Exercise your dog before you leave – this will reduce boredom and many dogs will spend most of their time sleeping after sufficient exercise.

  4. Avoid lengthy and over-enthusiastic goodbyes and greetings – this can help reduce potential separation anxiety. It’s often better to ignore your dog prior to exiting your home. Save the hello cuddle for a few minutes after you have entered the house, when your dog is calmer. Take them out for some exercise once you return.

  5. Feed your dog before you leave. Placing their meal into food-dispensing toys can help keep them occupied.

  6. Leave the television or music device on.

  7. Provide plenty of safe toys to play with.

  8. Using a DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) diffuser or collar can help alleviate stress in some dogs.

  9. Ensure your dog has access to a secure yard or balcony. Alternatively, if this is not possible, provide them with a suitable ‘toilet’ area at home using pee mats or dog toilets.

  10. Provide them with comfortable bedding and an item of your worn clothing to help them feel secure.