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Why do dogs bum scoot? And no, we’re not referring to the western dance style

It may seem funny, but when a dog rubs its butt along the floor, they’re likely experiencing some irritation. This may be due to dermatitis under the tail, impacted anal sacs or intestinal worms. Here are some handy hints to help their behinds.

Why do dogs bum scoot? And no, we’re not referring to the western dance style

Before we get to the bottom of their bottoms, first we need to touch on some butt science. Gross, but also surprisingly fascinating.

Your dog has two small anal sacs, commonly known as anal glands. These glands produce your dog’s unique scent, which makes for great bum sniffs at the park. The glands also coat a small secretion on poops, which is why your dog can be so fascinated by another dog’s poo. 

Usually, regular walkies and healthy poops will empty the sacs but in some dogs, the material inside the sacs becomes thickened so they don’t empty as they normally would. This can cause itching and discomfort, resulting in “scooting”. You may also notice a pungent fishy aroma. If this is the case, visit your vet to have your dog’s anal sacs expressed. This is one you probably don’t want to try at home. Trust us.

Dr Lisa’s tips to bottom maintenance


Surprisingly, the easiest way to maintain a healthy bottom is through regular grooming. Long and curly coats can become tangled with excrement very easily so avoid their discomfort by booking regular visits with your professional groomer to trim the hair around this delicate area. Between visits, use our Wipes to keep the area clean and tidy.

Express the glands

Some dogs will need to have their anal sacs emptied at the vet clinic. Our Wipes are great at cleaning up the stinky substance that’s released. You can also wipe down your dog's muzzle if some enthusiastic licking has given your dog a pongy face. Follow with a spritz of our Colognes to provide extra freshness. 

Inspect under the tail base

If there’s irritation or redness visit your vet - this may be a sign of a skin allergy or infection.

Parasite treatment

Worms can make their bottom’s itch, so make sure your dog is up to date with their parasite prevention. It’s absolutely vital in preventing illness and disease.Speak to your vet to ensure your dog is receiving the correct treatment and dosage.

Products that can help

As mentioned, using Wipes between grooming visits will make your life (and your dog’s) much more pleasant. We now have Travel size Wipes so you can bring them along on walks for your convenience. 

Diet is a significant factor in ensuring your dog is making healthy poops in the first place (which will help empty the glands through the act of passing the stool). Speak to your vet about their poop consistency and they’ll be able to provide dietary recommendations.