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How old is your dog, really?

Popular belief holds that a single year is roughly equivalent to 7 dog years. But it’s not that simple.

Recent research has suggested that dogs age up to 30 times faster than humans in their first year of life. Consider a puppy which is weaned, socialised and physically adept by 8 weeks old!  

Dogs continue to age at a rapid rate until the age of 4, with the rate slowing down after 7 years. This is variable depending on the breed, with large and giant breeds ageing faster than their smaller counterparts. 

Senior Citizens
Small and medium-sized dogs enter their senior years roughly from age 7, while large and giant breeds become seniors at a younger age. It’s important to keep this in mind when feeding and exercising your dog, as many dogs in this category can be prone to obesity and arthritis. 

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. A 10 or 15 year commitment is a long time after all! But as you no doubt know, it goes by in a flash. A dog’s life is simply never long enough. So spoil them senseless, love them endlessly and enjoy the great joy that is your dog.

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