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Help your dog lose weight and stay in healthy shape

Just like us humans, obesity is a real issue with dogs. It is often a contributing factor to a number of serious conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best ways to avoid disease serious and unnecessary veterinary costs down the track. We are all guilty of being over indulgent and succumbing to those puppy eyes…. Especially when it comes to rewarding good behaviour.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dogs - whether it’s learning complex tricks or just general good manners. The problem is most of the treats on the market have little regard for calorie content. Sure there is a place for appetizing meat treats for when intense focus is required, but as I would say to my kids, this is ‘sometimes treat’, not an ‘everyday treat’. 

For rewarding ‘every day’ good behaviour, conventional dog treats in excess are detrimental to your dog’s health and not part of a balanced diet!

As a vet, I wanted to create a solution to reinforce good behaviour as often as needed, without the unnecessary weight gain. A way you reward your furbaby in a perfectly healthy, guilt-free way.

So… I created Crumble! Fresh baked each week at our Sydney facility, this all-natural treat is made from the finest human-grade ingredients. In fact, we have customers reporting that the Crumble is just as popular with the humans! 

DOG Crumble

Everyday low fat training treats for good dogs.
Includes a FREE travel tin for training on the go

ONLY $33
360g tin - DOG Crumble
360g refill

They’re guilt free and portion controlled so you can use them throughout the day.

And because Crumble is plant based, you won’t be left with stinky residue on your hands. I also wanted to ensure the design of the tins would sit proudly on the benchtop for easy access, instead of hidden away in the cupboard.

And these reusable metal tins, both in the large and travel sizes, actually help with training. By just shaking them, it’s another positive stimulus for your dog - great for recall training.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

DOG Lick Mat

Some dogs need no encouragement for a wipe, brush or wash. Some need a bit of coaxing. That’s where this Lick Mat comes in. 

ONLY $17
Light blue
"My dogs are obsessed with these, and you don’t need a lot. The Little go tins are fabulous on walks. Also guilt free when managing their fat intake!"
Katherine K