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The best kept dog training secret. Ever.

This is the best kept dog training secret. Ever.

All you have to do is:

  1. Wake up
  2. Put Belt Bag on
  3. Fill silicone treat pouch with treats and place into Belt Bag
  4. Give treats to your dog whenever your dog does the right thing
  5. Do this whenever you are with your dog
  6. An obedient, happy dog is on the way

Dogs learn by positive reinforcement. This means that if you reward the correct behaviour and ignore the wrong behaviour, your dog will be more likely to repeat what they did to get reward in the first place. The trick is that the reward needs to be instant in order to be most effective. Wearing a Belt Bag filled with treats whenever your dog is around will allow you to do just that.

I love my Belt Bag especially for puppy training – the regular rewards help with toilet training and general obedience. Older dogs can be trained in the same way. Repetition and consistency is the key. 

Wearing the Belt Bag on a walk will help you teach your dog not to pull on the lead, as well as valuable curb-side skills. And at the dog park, combined with a long recall lead, you can safely teach your dog how to come back to you when called. All of this can be done while you store all your walking essentials to keep your hands free.

DOG Belt Bag

This Belt Bag is designed to keep your hands free and keep you looking stylish. Use it on walks, for quick access to treats at home or to look fabulous while grabbing coffee with friends.

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