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Top tips for bringing your dog to work

Taking your dog to work is great for you, pooch and colleagues. Afterall, no one glares “this could have been an email” quite like a dog awaiting their lunchtime walk.

While taking your dog to work is easily one of the easiest ways to bring wagging good times to the office, there are a few things you need to do to ensure it’s a positive experience, stress free experience for everyone involved. We want to provide all dogs a calm and harmonious environment by establishing some boundaries. But before we get to that, here’s a checklist to consider before bringing your dog into the office. 

Checklist to consider before introducing your dog to your workplace:

  • Is pooch allowed? Check with management to see if bringing your dog to work is appropriate and allowed. Some work environments may not be appropriate or safe for dogs.Consult with your workplace about associated policies and requirements. If none are in place, consider implementing the RSPCA approved guide below. 
  • Is the office a safe environment for your dog? Consider your office environment and whether it’s safe for dogs: cables, cords and rubbish bins can be hazardous, so ensure dogs in the office can’t access these.
  • Are any colleagues allergic or fearful of dogs? Check if anyone at your workplace is allergic to dogs and see whether a discussion can be had to minimise adverse health. Also ensure that no one is phobic of dogs. 
  • Is your dog healthy? Ensure your dog is healthy, vaccinated and microchipped with up to date contact details. 
  • Is there a space that can be designated for your dog? It’s important your dog has space for their own bedding where they can rest throughout the day. 
  • Are there other dogs that regularly visit the office? Ensure your dog Limiting access will give all dogs their own space, will ensure that dogs can have a break from each other and breaks in play so that they aren’t overstimulated and will reduce any potential conflict. 

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Your dog’s first day at the office:

Okay so your dog is welcome at the office. Let’s get them ready for their first day. 

  • Pack their work-bag: Make sure they have bedding, a blanket and a few favourite toys so they’re preoccupied while you are a business boss. Also bring some treats, a water bowl and potentially a food bowl if they require lunch or dinner. 
  • Introduce them to their human and dog colleagues: New dogs coming into the office should be introduced to dogs outside in neutral territory for a walk around the block or in the park before coming in. They are then more likely to accept the new dog in the office ‘territory’. Off-lead dogs shouldn’t be allowed into an area if other dogs are tethered.

Standard office rules:

  • Exercise first: Take your dog for a big walk or play at the park before work so they’re not too excited when they get to the office. Ensure they’re given the time to say hello to their human and dog colleagues.
  • Remember regular toilet breaks: Set aside time for sufficient toilet breaks and to take your dog for a good walk or walks throughout the day. Encourage your colleagues to come along. 
  • You’re on poop patrol: Be ready to clean up after your dog if they accidentally urinate or defecate in the office. Clean the area thoroughly with a non-ammonia based cleaning product like our Wee Cleaner to take away the scent and reduce the likelihood of the dog using the same spot again. 
  • No dogs in the kitchen: Dogs should not have access to the kitchen area.
  • Put their toys away: Ensure your dog’s designated spot is kept clean and tidy to prevent trip hazards. 
  • Positive reinforcement always: Remember to reward your dog’s good behaviour in the office and ignore the bad. 

Everyone will need time to get used to a new environment so expect some teething issues like increased barking but consistency and rewarding good behaviour is key. We can teach a “Settle on a Mat” cue to help with making this a positive experience as well as using Lick Mats, long lasting treats and toys. Using Adaptil pheromone plug-ins around the office will help increase harmony and promote relaxation.