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What is wet dog smell?

Walkies are great. Wet walkies, not so much. And if you own a water loving dog then you have to battle wet dog smell more often than not. So what is it about water that transforms a faint musk into a pungent fog of funk?

Let’s break down the science quick sticks. Your dog’s coat is covered in microorganisms, such as yeast and bacteria. The musty smell of a dog comes from the excrement of bacteria and yeasts living in the fur. Delightful. 

When a dog is dry, these organisms aren’t super stinky. But when your dog gets wet, water breaks down the micro-poop and releases the molecules from the skin to the surface of their fur. As the water begins to evaporate off your dog’s coat, so do these molecules thus emitting a wet dog smell, aka Eau de wet dog. How’s that for some k9 chem!

Unfortunately, even after a bath these same stinky molecules will release and there will still be a slight wet dog smell. An immediate fix to banish that unpleasant odour is to spritz them with Cologne, followed by a blow wave on low heat with thorough brushing until dry. With three Cologne scents to choose from, Calm, Spring & Sweet, there’s a scent to please everyone. 

Scentsational Set

After a light spray on your dog’s coat, the cologne will reduce the unwanted ‘dog smell’, while moisturising the skin and coat. Each cologne has been formulated with essential oils that are gentle to your dog’s nose and pleasant to yours.

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