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Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs get the munchies for grass? Is there anything wrong with it? We investigate.

Some dogs love nothing more than chomping through a paddock of grass and for the most part there’s nothing unsafe about it. But why do they do it? According to Dr Lisa, there’s a number of reasons your dog is chowing down on a lawn salad. 

Most common

Enjoyment: some dogs simply enjoy it!

Boredom: It might not be how we’d cure a bout of boredom, but for your dog, having a lawn lunch may just be down to having something to do. 

Evolution: This behaviour may be rooted in science and evolution. A prevailing theory among evolutionary biologists is that the high fibre content of grass helps to keep parasites out of the intestinal tract by making bowel movements more regular. While today’s dogs do not need to de-worm themselves thanks to preventative medicines, some dogs have retained this habit.

Least common but still possible

Poor diet: Dogs will often eat grass because they are experiencing nutritional deficiency, especially if they’re not receiving enough fibre. If your dog has started eating grass after switching to new dog food, consider whether their diet may be to blame.

Upset tummy: The most common theory behind grass munching is that it’s a dog’s way to manage a stomach upset whereby gorging on grass may induce vomiting. 

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When to see the vet

If your dog appears unwell in any way, or if they have eaten grass that has been sprayed with fertiliser or pesticides, then please contact your vet straight away. If grass-eating is a new behaviour for your dog, then a health check with your vet is recommended.