Dog Walk Set - Olive


Your On-The-Go Essentials

  • Belt Bag - Olive 
  • Poo Bags (150 compostable bags)
  • Wipes (80 pack)
  • Cologne of your choice (125mL bottle)
  • Poo Bag Holder  (choose Black or Olive)

Why You’ll Love It?

  • The Belt Bag is designed to keep your hands free and keep you looking stylish. Use it on walks, for quick access to treats at home or to look fabulous while grabbing coffee with friends.
  • The Poo Bags are 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable and are deliciously vanilla scented. These bags will help turn the stinkiest of tasks into something delightful. Well, almost.
  • Our 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable bamboo Wipes are great for cleaning and freshening the skin and coat in between baths. They are especially useful to clean the paws after a walk or trip to the park.
  • For a dog, the ideal scent probably comes from a good roll around in the dirt. Not exactly ideal for us. Our naturally scented Colognes are the solution. After a wipe down, follow with a light spritz of Cologne to keep your dog smelling like the flowers they love to dig up.

Check out our product detail pages for more information on our ingredients and how to use each product.

Cologne Fragrance
Poo Bag Holder Color
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Transform Dog Walking Clean-ups Into Style

You’ll look good with our Belt Bag, your dog will smell good with our Cologne, you can clean their paws and butt with our Wipes, and their poop stench will be disguised with our gloriously scented Poo Bags. Dog walking has never been more luxurious.

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We’ve made it even easier for you to give your dog the best skin and coat care.